WiSensors – CO, Barometric Pressure, Temperature and/or Relative Humidity Wireless Sensors

When the wireless transmission of environmental and ambient data at pre­set time intervals is required, a simple and straightforward solution consists in the Synchro Comp’s ® WiSensorsTM family of devices.

The WiSensors family of wireless sensor devices measure CO, barometric pressure, temperature and/or relative humidity levels and send their values to a predefined IP address, using the existent wireless infrastructure based on the IEEE 802.11 b/g standards. The last recorded values can also be visualised locally using the attached character LCD.

When set to send data to a predefined public IP address, visible on the Internet, the sensors can be used to monitor parameters from multiple remote sites. This way, the measurement data is sent to a central location/data­center, where they can be used for further processing.

Carbon dioxide levels between 0 and 2000 ppm, pressure levels between 50 kPa and 115 kPa, temperatures between 0°C and +50°C and relative humidity values from 0% to 95% (non­condensing) can be monitored.


The WiSensors are measurement devices provided with Wi­Fi connectivity capabilities that perform the wireless transfer of measurement data to a user defined IP address, when connected to a WLAN. The applications that use these devices represent a straightforward solution for the logging of data at remote sites, using the existing infrastructure based on the IEEE 802.11 b/g standards and not requiring the presence of additional gateways within the systems. The WiSensors connect directly to the access point and can send data to any server, provided that it has a reachable address.

The power efficient design of the devices allows the continuous operation for up to three years on a single 3V battery in the case of the model with all the sensors attached.

The configuration of the WiSensors is performed through the serial interface, by using the cable provided with the device, and using a telnet client. The comprehensive menu allows entering and displaying the parameters needed for the correct operation of the WiSensor. 


These consist of the period between measurements, which can be set to have a value of up to 60 minutes, the information for connecting to wireless LANs, namely the channel, the SSID and the used password, the gateway and the sub-net mask, the server port, the IP, the node IP and the CO2 sensor’s data, if this is present in the design. 

The latter is composed of the value for the digital filter, the altitude value and the number of days for auto­-calibration using fresh air, if this feature is activated.

The Wi­sensors are compact battery ­powered systems that can monitor the temperature, relative humidity, the carbon dioxide level and the absolute pressure, and that send the measurement data using the existent wireless infrastructure based on the IEEE 802.11b/g standards, eliminating the use of wires. These features, coupled with the low power consumption of the devices, make the WiSensors family of sensors the best solution in environmental and ambient monitoring applications.



• Food Industry

• Pharmaceutical Industry

• Storage Places

• Office Buildings

• Production Spaces


• Measures CO, pressure, temperature and/or humidity values at moments in time separated by a period of up to 60 minutes

• Sends messages to a previously set server IP after taking measurements

• Can send data to any IP address visible over the internet or within the LAN

• Displays the last recorded values on LCD for models with display option

• Allows the setting of wireless connectivity parameters and of local parameters

• If CO sensor model, it allows the setting of carbon dioxide measurement characteristics, including sensor calibration