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Infra-red thermo-hygrometer

CEM Infra-red thermo-hygrometer

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Professional Infra-red thermo-hygrometer DT-8663 with Dual Laser Targeting, LCD, -50÷380°C and 0...100%RH measuring ranges and opt.resol: 20:1

CEM Infra-red thermo-hygrometer

Thermo-hygrometer DT-8663 is very visiale for wet and dry proof. it's green LED light will change to yellow and red wher reading close to Dewpoint Temperature. It provides faster sampling time and high accuracy, widely applicant in steel, oil and chemical, stove, environment testing, calibration Lab, gas production industry etc.

Technical specifications

Type of display used

large LCD

Temperature measuring range

-50...+380 °C / -58...+716 °F

Humidity measuring range

0...100 %RH

Dew point temperature

-30...+100 °C / -22...+199 °F

Basic accuracy: ±2% of reading

Wet bulb temperature

-30...+100 °C / -22...+199 °F

Basic accuracy: ±2% of reading

Optical resolution


Emissivity value

Fixed 0.95

IR temperature resolution


Response time 

 Less than 150ms

Temperature accuracy

±3.5°C (in range -50...+20 °C)

±1.5°C (in range 20...+350 °C)

Humidity accuracy

 ±3.5% (in range 20%...80% RH)

Power supply

1 battery 9V

Weight without battery

163 g

Body dimensions

82 x 58 x 168 mm

Measuring instrument features

  • user selectable °C or °F
  • dual laser targeting
  • automatic data hold
  • auto power-off
  • white backlit LCD display
  • overrange indication
  • trigger lock for continuous use
  • optical resolution 20:1
  • fixed emissivity
  • green LED light will change to yellow and red when reading close to Dewpoint Temperature


  • case
  • 1 battery 9V