Terms and Conditions
Synchro Comp SRL
Elie Georgescu 3 Craiova 200011 Romania
R.C. J16/168/2009, C.U.I.8479112

T:+40 0317 800 000; F:+40 0317 801 039 www.synchro.ro; E:office@synchro.ro

In these terms and conditions Synchro means Synchro Comp SRL and the Customer means the individual or
organisation placing an order for goods or services with Synchro.
Unless stated otherwise prices quoted are valid for 30 days, do NOT include VAT and are quoted in different
currencies base on country of origin for that particular product. Due to RON variation our local prices are quoted
in EURO.
Placing of an order with Synchro will indicate automatic acceptance of these terms and conditions.
A delivery charge will apply to all orders where Synchro's nominated carrier is used. Where the Customer
nominates a carrier, delivery is deemed to have occurred upon advice to the Customer's nominated carrier that
goods are available for collection. Where goods are to be collected by the Customer from Synchro, delivery is
deemed to have occurred when the Customer is notified by Synchro that the goods are available for collection.
Our standard payment terms are strictly nett 30 days from date of invoice unless stated otherwise if the
Customer has a line of credit with us. Otherwise payment is expected in our account before delivery of goods or
service. Statements will be mailed to assist account reconciliation and prompt payment. Synchro reserves the
right to suspend shipments to any Customer whose account is overdue.
Unless the intention to finance the purchase of goods under lease or commercial hire purchase is notified at
time of ordering, the order will be subject to Synchro's normal trading terms. Goods to be purchased under
finance will normally not be despatched until Synchro has been notified by the finance company that the finance
has been approved.
Unless claims for non-delivery of goods, incorrect delivery of goods and delivery of goods not in accordance
with order are notified in writing to Synchro within seven (7) days from date of delivery, then the said goods are
deemed to be in all respects in accordance with the order and the Customer shall be liable for and bound to pay
for the goods. Written notices must give details of: (a) invoice number,(b) invoice date and (c) reason for claim.
Goods ordered and shipped may only be returned after written authorisation has been given by Synchro and
any credit due or any repair/replacement under warranty shall be determined after inspection. A restocking fee
equal to thirty (30) percent of the sale price may be applied to goods returned for credit. Except for warranty
claims, returns will not be accepted for any reason after sixty (60) days from date of shipment. Goods approved
by Synchro for return must be sent freight prepaid unless otherwise arranged with Synchro. Goods approved by
Synchro for return freight collect will only be accepted if sent by Synchro’s nominated carrier.
Synchro undertakes to make every effort to ensure that goods are delivered within the quoted delivery time.
Orders for goods not delivered within the quoted delivery time may only be cancelled by the Customer giving
Synchro seven (7) days notice in writing of the intention to cancel such order and providing the goods have not
been delivered by Synchro within those seven (7) days.
All goods that are not in stock will automatically be placed on backorder unless otherwise instructed by the
Customer at the time of ordering.
Synchro may charge the Customer bona fide reasonable costs including the cost of any bank fees for
dishonoured cheques, collection agency, solicitor or other legal or accounting costs incurred in the collection of
monies overdue. These costs are to be in addition to any award of costs by a court of competent jurisdiction.
Until the Customer has paid in full for the goods ordered, legal and equitable title of those goods remains with
Synchro and the Customer shall merely be a bailee and fiduciary owner of the goods. By the giving of
reasonable notice Synchro may require the Customer to return any goods which are the property of Synchro.
Warranty on goods supplied and work performed is limited to the repair or replacement of the goods due to
defects in materials and workmanship for a period of twelve (12) months from date of delivery. Without limiting
the generality of the foregoing the aforesaid warranty does not extend to repair or replacement of the goods
occasioned by:
(i) The misuse, neglect or alteration in any manner by the customer, its agents or employees or any third party ;
(ii) The failure of the customer to comply with any instructions or literature supplied with the goods relating to
the storage, installation, operation or servicing of the goods.
Synchro will not be liable for any loss or damage arising from or alleged to have arisen from delay in delivery,
malfunction or failure of any products or services provided.
Goods returned for repair should be accompanied by a full report listing the faults found and the work required
to be done. No work will commence until the Customer provides Synchro with an official order number or
written authorisation to proceed with the repair.
Installation and commissioning work will not commence without the provision by the Customer of an official
order number or authorisation to proceed. Delays and additional materials required due to site and other
conditions both beyond the control of Synchro and not made clear to Synchro or their appointed representative
at the time of inspection or quoting will be at the Customer's expense. Should such delays occur or additional
materials are required, Synchro or their appointed representative shall obtain authorisation from the Customer
to continue with the work. Should such authorisation not be given, the work will cease and any materials used
and labour charges up to that point in time will be at the Customer's expense.
Amendments to these trading terms will not be binding unless made in writing and signed by an authorised
officer of Synchro Comp SRL.